Selena Gomez Is Back In Treatment For An Emotional Breakdown

October 11, 2018

(Photo by Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK)

Sending all our love and prayers to Selena Gomez today. According to People, she's back in treatment after an emotional breakdown.

You may remember last year when Selena Gomez had a kidney transplant. Well, a side effect of a kidney transplants is low white blood cell count, which is what put Selena in the hospital twice in the last few weeks. During her last stent, she had a panic attack which was the beginning of her emotional breakdown. A source says...

"She realized she needed to seek additional help for her ongoing emotional issues. She’s surrounded by close family and has a lot of support. She’s doing better now and is seeking treatment on the East Coast."

While she's there, her treatment includes a dialectical behavior therapy to help to identify, then change, negative thinking and behavioral patterns.

Get well soon Selena! We love you!