Shooting Victim Walks Away Unscathed After Bra Stops Bullet

July 29, 2019
Woman, Brassiere, Bra, Hands, Clasping

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21-year-old Daniesa Murdaugh was at a block party in Brooklyn when gunfire broke out.

She was among the 12 people struck in the attack, getting hit in the back as she was running away to safety.  Fortunately, Murdaugh escaped the attack with a little more than a scratch, all thanks to her bra, which practically stopped the bullet dead in its tracks.  

Murdaugh’s mother, Odessa Watson, said, “When the EMS unhooked her bra, the bullet was just sitting in the bra strap and it just fell out.  It got caught in there.  There were fragments still in the skin, but it was a graze.  It was a regular bra. The threading of it, because we’re thick girls, is thicker.  And it got caught in the back part of the bra.”

#breakingnews #brownsville #shotsfired SAVED BY HER BRA STRAP‼️ 21yo Daniesa Murdaugh was struck in her back by one of the bullets during the shootout but suffered graze wounds instead of a serious spine injury because the bullet got stuck in her bra strap. Paramedic told her he'd never seen anything like it. Thank God. @nypd says at least 2 shooters, anyone with info can make an anonymous call to 1-800-577-TIPS. #hot97 @hot97 #fox5ny @fox5ny

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Watson added, “I know someone was looking out for me.  I pray for my children every single day.”

Via NY Post