Storeowner Tracks Down Homeless Man And Splits Profits Of Rare Disney Print He Found In Trash Can

November 21, 2018
Bambi, Deer, Animal, Disney, Sleeping, Cute

Adam Gillian found a ratty picture of Bambi, the popular Disney character, in a trash can, and thought he could make a few quick bucks off of it.

He brought it to Alexander Archibald, owner of the Curiosity Inc. store in Edmonton, CA, which whom he had made similar transactions in the past.  Archibald felt that with a little retouching, he could sell the picture for $80-$100.  He paid Gillian $20 for it.  

When Archibald took the photo out of the frame, however, he found an old certificate of authenticity, with a copyright date of 1937.  Bambi came out in theaters in 1941.  What Archibald thought was just a replica of an animation cel from the '80s or '90s was actually an original Disney animation cel, and worth far more than what he originally thought.  

He sold the cel on eBay for $3,700, but knew he couldn't keep the profits all to himself.  He promised to track down Gillian, and split the profits with him 50/50.  He eventually found him, and gave him $1,600.35, an additional $100, and then bought him lunch.

Archibald went further, however, and set up a GoFundMe to secure Gillian a hotel room to avoid the harsh winter nights.  He helped him get a temporary identification card so he can take a train back home to his family in Ontario, and even helped him with leads to find a job as soon as he makes it back home.  Archibald said, "He's a very kind, humble person so I'm sure he'll have no trouble finding work.  I'm rooting for him."