Teen Professional Driver Sent Airborne But Survives Horrific Crash During Formula 3 Race

November 19, 2018
Formula 1, Race Car, Blurry, Track, Finish Line

This will no doubt be one of the most horrific car crashes you will ever see.

17-year-old Formula 3 driver Sophia Floersch was sent airborne after becoming entangled with another driver during a street race in Macau.  Her car went flying through the air, crashing and destroying one of the barricades erected along the race path.  At the time of the crash, Floersch had been traveling at speeds of over 170 miles per hour.


Floersch did suffer a spinal fracture, but she went into surgery and later tweeted from the hospital that she was doing OK.


The car crashed into an area full of photographers and race marshals, and somehow, only four other people were sent to the hospital along with Floersch.  The driver of the car Floersch vaulted over was taken in for lumbar pain, an injured race marshal suffered a laceration of the face and a fractured jaw, and two photographers were taken in with a liver laceration and a concussion, respectively.