Texas School Bus Driver Mows Lawn At Vacant House So Kids Don’t Have To Wait In Weeds

September 30, 2019
Mowing Grass, Lawnmower, Yard, House, Backyard, Mowing

(Photo by Getty Images)

Copperas Cove Independent School District bus driver Jerry Martin noticed that the grass on one of his stops was growing a little bit high.  

So, to make sure the kids he picks up at that stop didn’t have to stand in weeds waiting for the bus, Martin brought his mower, and cut the grass himself.

One parent wrote on Facebook, “Mr. Martin is a wonderful man, we appreciate everything he does.  We couldn't ask for a better bus driver to take care of our children.”  A former student recalled, “Mr. Martin was my elementary bus driver and he would always have fresh fruit for us to take home and was my favorite bus driver ever.  I’m so happy he’s still shedding some positive lights on students today!”