We've Got A New Internet Challenge! The #SkibidiChallenge

October 22, 2018

Move over Kiki, there's a new internet challenge in town. The Skibidi Challenge, and yes, it's gone viral.

First of all, we have to give a big thanks to Little Big for creating this weirdly wonderful dance. It's so mesmerizing, yet hard to do it you get out of sync. It's a little bit like flossing, but with the elbows bent, fists clenched, and don't forget to pick up those knees!

Everybody's doing it. Even babies.

Узнал о группе @littlebigband очень давно, когда был ажиотаж на @dieantwoord. Сейчас они взорвали интернет и телевидение своим новым клипом и забавным танцем #skibidi. Ване тоже понравилось, он решил поучаствовать в #skibidichallenge -- #skibidipapa #скибидичеллендж

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The furies are doing it.

And dads all over the world are just happy they can finally do an internet dance to perfection.

Ok, we might have to do a Skibidi Challenge video!