Did You Survive The The Great Facebook & Instagram Outage Of 2019?

March 14, 2019

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

You may have noticed on Wednesday afternoon that both Facebook and Instagram were having some technical difficulties. For many users, the outage started around 12PM Eastern and lasted until midnight, the longest in the social network's history.

According to USA Today and Roland Dobbins, an engineer with network performance firm Netscout, the outage had something to do with "an accidental traffic jam issue with a European internet company that collided with Facebook and other websites."

Naturally, everyone was in complete panic mode at the outage. However, there was one pretty funny meme that came out of the ordeal. Once Facebook finally came back up, people were marking themselves "safe" during the Facebook crash.

Whew! Glad everyone is ok! Now, let's all get back to sharing cat videos!