You Can Now Donate Your Old LEGO Bricks To Be Rebuilt And Replayed By Kids In Need

October 9, 2019
LEGO, Bricks, Green Ground, Messy

(Photo by Getty Images)

If you have any old LEGO bricks lying around the house, do not throw them away!

LEGO and Give Back Box have teamed together to launch a program called “Replay,” which will collect all of your old bricks and donate them to kids in need through Teach for America and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

The details of the donation process include:

-You box up your LEGOs in any old box, print a free shipping label and send them on their way. 

-You can send any size or shape of LEGO you want—Duplo, regular, it doesn’t matter. 

-They don’t need to be full sets and you don’t have to sort them, just dump them all in a box. 

-You don’t need to clean them—Give Back Box will do that for you. But they do ask that you remove any obviously damaged bricks you see; they’ll only be passing on the high-quality pieces. 

-You can request a tax deduction receipt for your donation.

As of now, Replay will run through the spring of 2020, at which point the company will consider whether to expand it.

Via Lifehacker