Naked Cyclist Interrupts Drivers On Morning Commute

July 23, 2018

Usually, there aren't a lot of interesting sites to see on your morning commute, right?

It's the same stretch of highway occupied by a random assortment of cars that each day are different, but look the same in the morning haze.  The traffic is stop and go, and you're usually too busy not thinking about work to notice any minor difference in the routine.  

Well drivers in San Jose were treated to something a bit different during their commute last Wednesday morning.  Authorities received multiple calls that morning about a cyclist riding on Highway 101...a NAKED cyclist.  California Highway Patrol spokesman Ross Lee said, "We were having many calls; he was moving around quite a bit.  The last call that came in for us was that he was riding northbound on the southbound side."

It’s against California law to ride a bike without a helmet. Doesn’t he know that. I love the SF Bay Area always interesting. #norcal #riding #naked #bayarea #highway101 #SanJose #california #siliconvalley #travel #traveling #travelholic #wunderlust #bicycle #slowlane #rushhour #shrinkage #loseabet #walkofshame #rideofshame #ridingwithoutahelmet #ridingnaked

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Lee said this was the first time in nine years with the Highway Patrol he's received a call about a naked cyclist.  Thankfully, there were no crashes or collisions and nobody was injured due to the naked man's actions, save for some people's "sensibilities" according to Lee.  Though, he did add what the naked many did  was illegal, so if it becomes a recurring act, they are "going to have to take some definite enforcement action."

Via Mercury News