Organizers Of All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Festival Apologize For Running Out Of Pizza

May 15, 2018

Last Saturday, those attending the Notting Hill Pizza Festival were promised all the pizza they could eat.

Unfortunately, like most things in life that sound too good to be true, that usually proves to be the case.  Attendees reportedly were forced to stand in line for hours at a time, often for just one slice of pizza.  The organizers blamed the lack of pizza to the overzealous appetites, as well as a broken oven.  The organizers, Bellmonte Life, a self-proclaimed "high-end luxury lifestyle brand," said "Despite the best efforts of our team preparing the pizzas in the smaller ovens, the flow of pizzas was slower than intended.  In contrast to claims that there were not enough pizzas, this was not the case.  Our team was hard at work to ensure that everyone was able to sample pizzas.  However, it was unfortunate that the queues grew due to some overzealous appetites, preventing others to be able to enjoy the food."

And those that were able to snag a slice were less than impressed with their haul.

Attendee Tim Swabey said, "When we arrived at the festival we were immediately surprised by the long queues for pizza at each stall."  And when the pizza finally did arrive, it looked like "something that had already passed through a cat's digestive system."  Another attendee, Alex White, left the festival after only eating two slices of pizza in an hour and a half.  She said, "I'm definitely annoyed, it was clearly very badly thought through."

When it became clear that not everyone would get a slice of pizza, Bellmonte Life began handing out complimentary drinks.  And then they invited all the guests to attend their upcoming BBQ festival over the Summer.  Ok, suuuuuuure!