A Photo Of Two Hortaya Borzayas Dogs In Sweaters, Standing In The Snow, Has Twitter Users Making Jokes

The Internet Has Done It Again

December 28, 2018

The internet has done it again, unearthing a gem that brings out the inner comedian in all of us. A photo of two very sharply dressed dogs was posted, and social media has been quick to add their response. While dogs in sweaters are already an internet classic, the demeanor and class of the dogs attire has made this photo an internet classic.

These two dogs are Hortaya Borzayas, which is an ancient Asian breed of sighthounds. These dogs are known for their hunting skills, and their noble, calm demeanor. This demeanor is clear in the photo, giving the dogs the resemblance to a high society type character. The internet, as usual, was very quick to point this out.

According to the internet, these dogs, and their matching sweaters, are not only perfect movie villains, but they are also the disappointed parent we all fear. They can be seen at your local Starbucks, making a scene, or showing off their pretentious side while discussing their valuables.

The big surprise of this photo is the small dog, sitting in the background. While this dog isn’t wearing as fancy of a sweater of the larger dogs, it still has a sense of class that the internet can’t get over. Some found the dog to appear as if was owned by the other dogs, while some were just shocked to even notice the small dog.

These Hortaya Borzayas, dressed in their sleekest turtlenecks, while taking in the mountain environment, are truly the class high society character in all of us. They are living their best life, and the internet loves them for it. Once again, the internet has done its job, and gave us a gem. Sadly it will only last until the next item that sets the internet off.

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