Rapper Dies After Falling From Wing Of Flying Plane During Music Video Shoot

October 25, 2018

Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray passed away after a tragic accident while shooting his latest music video.

McMurray, who performs under the name Jon James, was performing a stunt that involved standing on the wing of a moving plane.  While it was flying.  Unfortunately, as McMurray moved further out on the wing, the small Cessna "went into a downward spiral," according to a statement released by his management team.

McMurray held onto the wing as long as he could, but unfortunately lost his grip before the plane could make a proper landing.  There wasn't enough time to release his parachute, and died immediately upon impact. 

Both the plane and pilot landed safely; no one else was injured as a result of the incident.

Police, the coroners' service, and the Transportation Safety Board are all investigating McMurray's death, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.