Rebekah: We Finally Sold Our House!

August 15, 2019
My old house.

Well, it’s official! After 3 looooooong months on the market, we finally sold our house.

So selling a house isn’t exactly what it used to be, or at least compared to last year. Believe it or not, but the market is finally settling down, which made things a bit more difficult. Of course, I’m acting like 3 months is an insane amount of time to keep the house perfectly clean with the beds made and putting away the shampoo and soap in the shower each and every day, but really it’s not that bad. The hard part was that we had 2 contracts on our house that fell through. And for dumb reasons.

Less than 2 weeks after putting our house on the market, we got an offer. During the option period our buyer simply disappeared. According to his realtor, he had been secretly working with 3 other realtors and put numerous offers on different houses. When he got the price on one of them he wanted, he vanished on everyone else. Awesome! Strike 1!

Fast forward, about a month later, we got another offer on the house. This time from newlyweds. We made it all the way through inspection and at the very last minute they decided they needed a 4 bedroom house for their future family. Ugggg, I get it, they want kids. However, it was really disappointing for us. We had already started looking for an apartment. We had been packing up stuff and then BAM! Sorry, we love your house, but we don’t want it anymore. Strike 2!

Of course our realtor assured us that it would be ok and kept saying third time’s the charm. You know all that good stuff you have to say to keep spirits up. Honestly, after the second contract, we were kind of done with it. We had lots of long talks about just pulling it off the market as James started getting ready for football season. The idea was maybe try again next spring. Ultimately, we decided to give it one more month, which did the trick!

Oddly enough, all these crazy things were happening around us. I broke my dang leg while dancing with some girlfriends, meanwhile James had surgery to repair his deviated septum. Right as all this craziness was happening, we got an offer on the house. Was it the greatest timing ever? No, but we gladly took it! And from what we can tell, this was the right person for the house. She loved it! Had looked at it twice in the previous months, but was waiting for her house to sell. It was meant to be! Plus, we felt good leaving it in her hands. After all, we’ve lived there for nearly 12 years!

As you all have gotten to know me over the years, I am not a super sentimental person. In fact, when we bought the house, my plan was to stay for maybe 5 year, then sell it. Clearly that didn’t happen. We spent a long time fixing it up, almost a complete renovation on the inside. Never ever would I have imagined that I would form some sort of hidden attachment to this place. On the outside, I was more than ready to sell it, However, there was some sort of something happening on the inside. As we were cleaning out the last of our things, I walked into our bathroom and burst out in tears. What the actual heck!?!?!?! Why on Earth was a crying? Blubbering like a baby while I scrubbed the shower one last time. That’s when I realized, it wasn’t the house. It’s the memories inside it. It’s all of our doggies that were raised there. 5 to be exact. It’s that one spot in the office area where you could always find my little Moo Moo dog cooling himself on the tile. It’s where our Major dog took his last breath. And I can’t leave out the time James surprised me in the backyard with our Mackie. I cried then too. It’s the very first thing James and I bought together. It’s the media room that sat empty for years while we scraped and saved to buy a screen and projector. Not to mention, our nieces and nephews lost their mind over it! It’s the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that we put into this place to make it our own. Seriously, we laugh every time the TimeHop app brings up the old flooring pics. Why? Because removing them was the worst week of our lives! It’s the fun with friends and family over the last 12 years. Christmases with both my family and James’ family. Not to mention several really fun Superbowl parties. It’s dumb stuff like the time I fell down the stairs or the time I drove James’ truck into the side of the garage. Heck, driving my own car into the side of the garage. I guess I do that a lot.

It was a good house. It’s served its purpose for us. On to the next one where many more memories will be made. And here’s to hoping its new owner loves it just as much as we did (BTW, I may or may not be stalking her on Facebook to see if she posts pics HA!).