Former Dallas Cowboy Chad Hennings' Dusty Attics Playlist

March 27, 2019
Say hello to college All-American, Air Force Academy graduate, former Dallas Cowboy, 3-time Super Bowl champion, United States Air Force combat veteran, businessman, author, speaker, husband, father-of-two, and all-around good guy Chad Hennings.

Oh, and one more thing: music connoisseur

1. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" - The Beatles 

2. "Rock of Ages" - Def Leppard 

3. "Amarillo By Morning" - George Strait 

4. "I Wanna Go Back" - Eddie Money 

5. "Can't Help Falling In Love" - Elvis Presley 

6. "Bernadette" - Four Tops 

7. "My Whole World Ended" - David Ruffin 

8. "Never Gonna Give You Up" - Rick Astley 

9. "Ramble On" - Led Zeppelin 

"You blew me away with Chad's list......what a "widespread love for music!" - Kellie

"I was listening and enjoying so much until I fell asleep and missed the last fifteen mins. DARN!!" - Jill

"Loving Chad Hennings on Dusty Attics ----!" - Carie

"We look forward to Saturday nights because of Dusty Attics!" - Cheryl

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