dad bods


Study Reveals Women Find "Dad Bods" More Attractive

June 15, 2018

It's Father's Day weekend, and chances are you'll probably be grilling out or eating at a nice restaurant, so the temptation for delicious, unhealthy food will be constant.  

In case you're worried about your pants fitting a little more tightly after this weekend, don't be.  In fact, maintain the belly, and you might find yourself a date!  A new study from Planet Fitness found that women actually prefer the "dad bod" over other body types.  In fact, 67% of the women found the dad bod attractive, and 62% found it SEXY.

Over 2,000 women filled out the survey, which found that 65% of women would marry someone with a dad bod over a man with a six-pack, 70% believe men with dad bods have happier marriages, and 83% believe that having a dad bod is a bona fide sign of confidence.  

So fellas, go ahead and have that extra hamburger this weekend.  As long as you maintain that couple days a week work out you should be good!