Bus Driver Upset About Coughing Passenger, Catches COVID-19

A Detroit bus driver who complained about a passenger coughing caught Coronavirus from her and died just days later.

April 3, 2020
Close-up of woman coughing

(Highwaystarz-Photography/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus)

On March 21, 2020, a bus driver in Detroit went viral for posting a video about a passenger coughing and not covering her mouth. 

Jason Hargrove was rightfully upset that the woman wasn't taking the proper precautions to shield those around her from potential droplets. He posted a video stressing the importance of being considerate of others during the Coronavirus pandemic. Hargrove was professional about it, he didn't show the woman as he pleaded for the public to follow the strict guidelines that have been put in place. **Language NSFW**


According to the head of the drivers' union, Mr. Hargrove became infected and ultimately passed away from COVID-19 on Wednesday. That's less than two weeks after he contracted it from the woman on the bus. In the video, he includes a haunting reminder to everyone, "Y'all be safe. If you ain't got to go out, don't go out. If you go, cover up your face, put some gloves on your hands. Please."