Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Incredibly Long Armpit Hair

Is this a dealbreaker for you?

August 8, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski on the red carpet

(Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images)


Emily Ratajkowski, who you likely remember from I Feel Pretty or Gone Girl was invited to contribute an article to the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. For the magazine, she wrote about feminism, her identity, and her ...  armpit hair.

Yep, she's now one of those people who grows out their underarm hair just to prove a point. I'm personally not a fan, but it's her body. Is this a dealbreaker? 

“Sure, I’m positive that most of my early adventures investigating what it meant to be a girl were heavily influenced by misogynistic culture. Hell, I’m also positive that many of the ways I continue to be “sexy” are heavily influenced by misogyny. But it feels good to me, and it’s my damn choice, right? Isn’t that what feminism is about—choice?” @emrata writes about exploring what it means to be hyper feminine for our September 2019 issue. Tap the link in bio to read more. Photography by @michaelavedon Styling by @menamorado Hair by @petergrayhair Makeup by @hungvanngo

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