Latest Viral Trend Is The One-Gallon Jell-O Challenge

YouTuber Matt Stonie eats a gallon of Jell-O in under 18 minutes.

August 4, 2019
Bowl of green Jello

(DreamBigPhotos/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus)


The latest internet trend is called the One-Gallon Jell-O Challenge. It entails eating an entire gallon of Jell-O in a limited amount of time. 

Matt Stonie posted a YouTube video of himself making eight packages of lime-flavored Jell-O. He put the entire concoction in a giant bowl and timed himself scarfing it down. Stonie was able to finish in 17 minutes and 54 seconds. Afterward, he said he was "cold". 

(Language NSFW)


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