LISTEN: This Is What Happens When You Turn The Tables On A Telemarketer

Sybil had a little fun with a random caller trying to sell KLUV some office space.

July 23, 2019
Sybil talking on a finger phone

(Adam Garrett/ Entercom)

I think we can all relate to the dreaded telemarketing phones call that occur on a regular basis. 

Not only do we get them on our cell phones, we also get them in the KLUV studio... daily.

Frankly, I don't blame people for giving out the request line when prompted for a phone number to be added to some database. Hell, I've even done it. So when people call our number trying to pitch something, I politely say, "This is a business, please take us off the list."

Today, though, I turned the tables on a pesky peddler. ICYMI: Here's the audio of what went down when I tried to sell a telecom agent our business instead. Listen to see who taps out first. 


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