Local Blogger Creates A Picturesque Romeo & Juliet Dinner During The Pandemic

Katie-Rose Watson has designed another fantasy dining experience.

June 26, 2020
Rose on Romeo & Juliet book

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Katie-Rose Watson caught our attention a few months ago with her beautiful Disney-themed dinner parties. The local blogger includes every detail from tablescapes to signature drinks to costumes. 

Her latest creation is a socially-distant version of Romeo & Juliet. Watch the video of how she designed this rendition of The Rose Table. In her own words: 

Welcome to fair Corona! I mean...Verona! A little thing like social distancing can't keep me from entertaining. I ate up on the balcony at my Capulet-themed table while Romeo ate at his Montague-themed table down below in the garden. We enjoyed a Renaissance-inspired meal and drank wine from two rival vineyards in Tuscany. Here's my Romeo and Juliet dinner, recipes and all.

A little thing like a global pandemic can't stop your girl from entertaining! Learn how to host the ultimate social distancing date, Romeo and Juliet, on therosetable.com. -- #socialdistancing #covidcooking #coronacooking

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The Rose Table: Romeo & Juliet premieres tonight on fb.com/therosetable at 8 pm CST! I hope you’ll watch live with me. -- Starring @holmesmattholmes as Romeo and yours truly as Juliet -- #socialdistancing #covidcooking #coronacooking

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