Local Father-Daughter Gymnastics Routine Goes Viral

Frisco's Roland Pollard teaches his 4-year-old a valuable lesson during a heartwarming video.

August 6, 2020
High five gesture of black father and child

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Earlier this year, Roland Pollard and his 4-year-old daughter Jayden went viral for their incredible cheerleading stunts. The Frisco family is making headlines again. 

On Wednesday, Roland, who has been involved in the cheer world since 2008, posted a heartwarming video on his Instagram page. The owner of Spirit Vibe Productions was practicing gymnastics outside with his daughter when she slipped and nearly fell to the ground. Her loving father caught her, assured her that "daddy would never let her fall", and taught her a valuable lesson about paying attention. Watch how soothing he is after the duo's near mishap and then the amazingly talented recovery. 

We don’t hit every stunt we throw, but we always end on a good note! #thatsmybaby

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I wish the Pollard family would adopt me.