Oscar Mayer To Unveil Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwiches This Week

This is not a drill. For some reason, people think meat goes into dessert.

August 13, 2019
Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile

(Tim Boyle/ Getty Images)


A couple weeks ago, I was grossed out to hear about French's mustard-flavored ice cream.

Now, I'm absolutely revolted to learn about Oscar Mayer's latest concoction. It's called an Ice Dog sandwich. We've all had ice cream sandwiches, and yes, they're delicious. We've all had hot dogs, and ... the jury's still out.  What if we put the two together?

That's precisely what some innovator thought when creating this monstrosity. It includes candied hot dog bits, hot dog sweet cream, spicy Dijon gelato, and a cookie bun. Hard pass. The Wiener Mobile will be cruising around NYC tomorrow to distribute their newest creation. 

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