Uber Eats Reveals What Foods Certain States Order Most Often

Would you have guessed the most-frequently requested dish in Texas is Pad Thai?

April 20, 2020
A general view of atmosphere at the Uber Eats house during SXSW on March 14, 2019 in Austin, Texas

(Rick Kern/Getty Images)

Uber Eats recently released a list of the most popular dishes in 35 states. In Texas, my money was on barbecue or Tex-Mex, but nope. Apparently people are craving Pad Thai. 

Arizona: French fries

California: Chicken tikka masala

Colorado: Carne asada fries

Connecticut: Burrito bowl

Florida: French fries

Georgia: Pad Thai

Hawaii: BBQ mixed plate

Illinois: French fries

Indiana: Waffle fries

Iowa: Large poké bowl

Kentucky: Pad Thai

Louisiana: Chips with queso

Maine: Cheese pazzo bread

Maryland: Egg, bacon and cheese

Massachusetts: Burrito

Michigan: Pad Thai

Minnesota: Garlic naan

Missouri: Crab Rangoon

Montana: Enchiladas

Nevada: Chicken teriyaki bowl

New Jersey: Chicken sandwich

New York: Jerk chicken

North Carolina: Nachos

Ohio: Notso fries

Oklahoma: Spicy tuna roll

Oregon: Fried chicken

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: Hot dog

South Carolina: French fries

Tennessee: Pad Thai

Texas: Pad Thai

Utah: Carne asada fries

Virginia: French fries

Washington: French fries

Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon