Utah Police Notified Of Young Boy Selling "Beer" In His Neighborhood

The elementary-aged entrepreneur made a good profit that day!

July 22, 2019
Children selling drinks at a homemade stand

(Christopher Robbins/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus)


This sign would certainly catch my eye... ICE COLD BEER.

Especially if a little boy was holding it. 

Brigham City, Utah police were notified of a kid named Seth Parker setting up shop in his neighborhood. Much like a lemonade stand, Seth was selling drinks at a makeshift kiosk. What garnered so much attention, though, was his handmade advertisement appearing to offer "ICE COLD BEER". Upon further inspection, you can see the word 'root' written in small print just above the word 'beer'. When the authorities arrived, they had a good laugh and shared the young man's ingenious marketing campaign. His mother said he quickly sold out of product. High five, Seth!

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