You And Your Cat Can Dress As Each Other For Halloween

This funny twist makes you a feline and your kitty a human.

October 12, 2020
Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Woman in hat playing with cat lying on carpet at home decorated with pumpkins and candles.

(Maryviolet/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus)

Novelty company Archie McPhee is at it again.

The company who introduced us to pizza-flavored candy canes is now creating Kitty-and-Me costumes. Some of the options include: a squirrel and acorn or a chicken and egg, but my favorite is the role reversal. Your cat dresses as a human, and you look like a cat. It's available for less than $13. Happy Meow-loween!

Vote for your favorite in the comments. Introducing our new line of Loving Friends Kitty Cuddle Costumes! Who doesn’t want a matching couples costume with their cat? 1) Squirrel & Acorn 2) Pumpkin Pals 3) Chicken & Egg 4) Role Reversal (cat mask for the human, human mask for the cat).

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