German Town Honors Elvis Presley By Putting Images of The Singer On Their Traffic Lights

December 7, 2018

Elvis Presley was famously known for his love of the police, even pulling people over while pretending to be a police officer. Instead of a ticket, the person would get an autograph. Well now even after death, Elvis is still conducting traffic for the town of Friedberg in Germany. The town, where Elvis was stationed while in the Army, has installed three traffic lights depicting the rock icon.

On the traffic lights will be silhouette images of Elvis Presley. The red light will show the singer striking his famous pose at the microphone, and the green light shows Elvis doing his trademark hip swivel dance. While this may seem like an odd location for the traffic lights, Germany has long been associated with the icon.

From October of 1958 to March of 1960 Elvis Presley was stationed in Friedberg, Germany as a part of the U.S. Army’s Ray Barracks. While in Germany, Elvis lived nearby Bad Nauheim, which now holds an annual festival honoring the late star. Due to his time in the country, many of Elvis’ adoring fans make the pilgrimage to Germany.

Due to the number of fans visiting the country, and more specifically Friedberg, the town decided to add these traffic lights. This gives another attraction to the city, and more reason for fans of Elvis to visit the town. Friedberg already has a “Elvis Presley Platz,” which translates to “Elvis Presley Square.”

The newly added attraction will give fans a new spectacle to remember their favorite singer. The business of Elvis merchandise remains strong, even after the singer’s death in 1977. For Friedberg, Germany, the city plans on keeping Elvis fans coming for years to come.

Via The Washington Post