13 November 2017 - Hollywood, California - Ben Affleck. "Justice League" Los Angeles Premiere held at the Dolby Theater.

Photo: F. Sadou/AdMedia/SIPA USA

UPDATE: Ben Affleck Was Attending Wellness Classes Before Current Rehab Stint

August 23, 2018

TMZ reports Ben Affleck had recently been attending wellness classes at an L.A. center that specializes in "Buddhist ethics", focusing on overall health. TMZ sources say Ben had done this about a week before going in to the L.A. country rehab center where he currently resides, knowing all too well his drinking was out of control and he needed help.

Ben is expected to be in rehab for at least 30 days. 

Fortunately Affleck's legal wife, Jennifer Garner, saw the picture that's been circulated of Ben accepting delivery of a box of liquor, alcohol, which prompted her to help Ben towards returning to rehab. 

Relapsing is a common occurance for many with substance issues. Demi Lovato is another prime example of such.

Best wishes to Ben, and Demi, on finding their way to a substance free, healthy and happy life.