(Photo by Rachael Kidd/The Times Shreveport via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Richard Simmons Launches New "Sweatin' Shop"

September 7, 2018

Richard Simmons has resurfaced!

When was the last time we actually saw Richard Simmons in public? Remember when everyone thought he was being held hostage in his own house? Well, it would appear as though our Sweatin' to the Oldies workout guru is making a comeback.

According to Simmons Twitter account, he's launching a new online shop called Richard Simmons Sweatin' Shop as well as his very own shopping channel! The website advertises...

"New and classic merchandise from the one and only King of Fitness, the Pied Piper of Aerobics, the Court Jester of Health...RICHARD SIMMONS!! Presented lovingly by former students, cast mates and FOR (Friends of Richard)!"

The official announcment comes out later this evening.

So far, the only item listed on Simmons' website is a calendar for 2019. Glad to see he's back!