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Study Finds Most People Find Their Favorite Band At The Age Of 13

Chances are your favorite band in high school is probably still your favorite band today. According to a new study from TickPick , most people discover their favorite band at the age of 13. Over 490 parents participated more than 500 music listeners participated in the surverey, where they... Read More
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Florida Man Goes On Sledgehammer Spree Trying To Destroy "Demons"

A man in Florida was arrested after he destroyed property including cars and homes with a sledgehammer in a smashing spree. Police apprehended 32-year-old Rafael Suarez Gomez around 2:30 in the afternoon this past Sunday after destroying multiple pieces of property in a neighborhood near Pirates... Read More
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Doctors Warn About Dangerous "Skull Breaker" TikTok Challenge

We've all seen the asinine things that become viral challenges. Remember when eating Tide Pods was a thing? Now, doctors across the country are warning users of the social media app TikTok to not partcipate in the brand new "Skull Breaker Challenge." The name alone doesn't imply anything positive... Read More
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Woman Brings Service Mini-Horse Onto First Class On Flight

Mini-horses are a protected service animal under federal law. Yes, it’s true. Mini-horses and dogs are the only ones who carry that distinction, but we can probably believe it was still pretty shocking for other passengers on this flight from Michigan to California when they saw Fred. Fred is a... Read More
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Man Starts Petition To Save The "Leaning Tower Of Dallas"

The old Affiliated Computer Services has become something of a landmark for North Texans over the last couple of days. Of course, you'd know it as the Leaning Tower of Dallas after a failed impolosion left the building just north of Downtown Dallas still standing, albeit at an awkward angle. Video... Read More