How to Manage Anxiety Over Returning to Work Amid COVID-19

As more and more businesses begin to reopen, many employees are having to deal with the anxiety of returning to the workforce while the pandemic continues to spread around the country. Experts weigh in with advice to manage fears.
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Principal Turns MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' Into COVID-19 Back-to-School Safety Video

’Stop! Sanitize!’ An Alabama high school principal took an MC Hammer classic and turned it into a coronavirus safety video in hopes of getting his message across. Watch the parody video now.
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Dog wearing safety mask for protect Corona virus, covid 19 protection mask on cute brown dog, portrait pet

Viral Video Shows An Adorable Boy Putting A Mask On His Dog For COVID-19 Safety

Viral Video Shows An Adorable Boy Putting A Mask On His Dog For COVID-19 Safety. The Ecuadorian child made sure he and his pet were protected before their bike ride.
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Clorox Says There Will Be a Disinfecting Wipes Shortage Into 2021 Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Customers can expect to see a shortage of Clorox disinfecting wipes into 2021. The cleaning products have been in short supply since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year in the United States.
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Massive 'Raft Off' Boat Party Planned for Saturday in Michigan Despite Pandemic

It appears a big boat party is on for this weekend in metro Detroit, despite the pandemic. Muscamoot Bay, known as a hotspot on Lake St. Clair on summer weekends, is the site of the annual “Raft Off” the first Saturday in August every year.
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Irish Pub Bans ‘Sweet Caroline’ Sing-Alongs Due to Health Concerns

An Irish pub in Spain is taking a big step in protecting against coronavirus, banning “Sweet Caroline” from being played, believing sing-alongs could increase the spread of the virus.
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Person Loses $19,000 After Putting Cash in Washing Machine to Kill Coronavirus

One person’s fear of germs ended up costing them quite a bit, as they destroyed 23 million South Korean won ($19,320) after putting it in the washing machine to kill the coronavirus.
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2020 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Canceled Due to Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed a longstanding holiday tradition in New York City. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been canceled for the first time since the show’s debut in 1933.
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Texas Man's Obituary Blames Selfish People, Politicians for COVID-19 Death

The obituary of a Texas man who died from the coronavirus blamed government officials and selfish people for his death. His obituary has gone viral.
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Shotgun, Rounds, Woods

Drunk Man Pulls Shotgun Trying To Help Police Break Up A Party

A drunk man in Michigan thought he could be of service to police officers called to break up a party, by standing on his front porch and racking a shotgun. Believe it or not, police did NOT find him useful.
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