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Would You Bet On Tony Romo At The AT&T Byron Nelson?

Tony Romo is playing in this week's AT&T Byron Nelson. He got a sponsors' exemption to play in the tournament. But now, you can now bet on him.
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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Here Are Some Freebies For You!

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day. But, then every day should be a day to appreciate some of the hardest working, most sacrificing people around. They are the ones who spend more time with our kids than parents do in some cases.
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Check Out The First Single From "A Star Is Born" With Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

There's already Oscar buzz in the air for both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This unlikely pair have teamed up for the remake of "A Star Is Born", which is already getting rave reviews.
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Bono Calms A Crying Child By Singing "One"

Bono has major dad skills. Of course he's had a little practice with the four kids of his own. Not to mention, his voice can calm an entire room with just a few notes.
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Check Out The First Trailer For Mary Poppins Returns

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's the Disney trailer we've been waiting for!!! Mary Poppins Returns!!!
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Check Out This Epic Dorm Room Upgrade!

Good things always seem to happen to other people, but this time… you gotta be happy for these girls.
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Why Is 7-Eleven Called 7-Eleven?

If you've ever been to a 7-Eleven, you can relate to this video.
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Jimmy Fallon & Paul McCartney Had Some Fun Surprising People In Elevators

Paul McCartney is in New York for a special free concert that he’s showing on YouTube tonight.
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Jeff Goldblum Likes To Be Called "Daddy" While Eating Hot Wings

Jeff Goldblum doing Jeff Goldblum eating super spicy hot wings is nothing short of perfection.
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Willy Wonka Gets Autotuned!

Willy Wonka is one of the greatest movies of all time. Easily one of Gene Wilder's best performances.
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