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Nacho The Dog Thinks He's Human, Refuses To Get Out Of The Baby's Car Seat

God bless dogs!
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Summer Break Means Getting A Summer Job, So Here's Every Summer Job Ever

Do you remember your very first summer job?
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Fergie's Sexy National Anthem Gets A Bad Lip Reading

Remember that sexy version of the National Anthem Fergie did back before the NBA All-Star game? How could anyone forget?!?!?!
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Lip Sync Battle Challenge Accepted By Both Dallas & Fort Worth Police Departments

Finally, the lip sync battle challenge makes it's way to North Texas!
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Store Robbery Goes Hilariously Right When Set To "Yakety Sax"

Fact: Everything is better when set to "Yakety Sax."
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Watch Weird Al Cover 77 Songs In 26 Minutes

Believe it or not, but Weird Al doesn't always sing parodies. In fact, during his last tour, he did several covers of actual classic rock songs.
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The NBA Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

Now that the NBA season is over, it's time for another episode of Bad Lip Reading!
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Granny Makes The Perfect Burger Using Nothing But Awesome Trick Shots

How hard is it to make a burger? Throw some meat on the grill and you're done right? WRONG!
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Walter The Dog Has A Future In Opera

The future of opera is dogs!
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winnie the pooh

Check Out The Latest Trailer For Christopher Robin

The movie isn't even out yet, but we already know it's going to be a tearjerker.
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