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Captain Marvel Official Trailer Is Here!

The official trailer for Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel has released and we're pleased to share it with you.
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Check Out The First Official Trailer For Captain Marvel

Is it Christmas?!?!?!?! First Mary Poppins , now Captain Marvel! Oh man there are so many great movies coming out in the near future. Of course, after the last Avengers movie, we're all dying to know about Captain Marvel. Spoiler alert...the final credit of the movie is Nick Fury calling Captain...
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Gender Reveal Gone Wrong: The Confetti Balloon Floats Away

Is it a boy or is it a girl? Guess we'll never know.
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Check Out The First Trailer For Mary Poppins Returns

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's the Disney trailer we've been waiting for!!! Mary Poppins Returns!!!
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Neighborhood Halloween House Has An Army Of Skeletons In Their Front Yard

Finally!!! The Halloween decorations are out! At least in one competitive neighborhood.
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Glenn Weiss Wins An Emmy, Then Proposes To His Girlfriend During His Speech

In case you missed it, Monday night marked the 70th year of the Emmys. For the most part, this year's awards ceremony was the same as last year...comedic hosts, celebrities gave each other trophies, and winners were rushed through their speeches. However, there was one speech in particular that...
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Check Out This Epic Dorm Room Upgrade!

Good things always seem to happen to other people, but this time… you gotta be happy for these girls.
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Is That A Goat In A Baby Carrier At Walmart?

People of Walmart lives!!!!!
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Matthew McConaughey Spotted At The BTS Concert In Fort Worth

Matthew McConaughey is a wonderful Texas enigma. He may be an Oscar winner, but he's also the guy you want to have beers with. He's the only man on Earth that can make being naked, playing the bongos work in his favor. So should it really surprsie us that he showed up to the BTS concert in Fort...
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Check Out The First Pic Of Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

The DC Universe is getting two new Joker movies. One with Jared Leto and the other, an origin story starring Joaquin Phoenix.
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