Treadmill Tries To Kill A Woman, Not Once But Twice

If at first you don't succeed... NO! Don't try it again!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Recreates His Dad's Iconic Bodybuilder Pose

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in the Schwarzenegger household. Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Joseph Baena, shares more than his looks with dear old dad.
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Watch This Manicure Give Birth! (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

There are just some things you shouldn't see on a manicure. And birth is one of them!
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The John Wick 3 Trailer Is Here!!!

Get ready...this Spring is gonna get violent!
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Wanna Drink While Shopping? Willow Bend Mall Is Now Offering Alcohol!

Drunk shopping is the best kind of shopping!!!!!!!
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This Big Sister Is NOT Happy About Her New Little Brother

Not all big brothers and sisters are happy about their new job. Sometimes there might be a bit of jealousy when a new baby enters the picture. Think about it, that only child syndrome suddenly disappears. It's not all about you anymore.
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Zack Morris & A.C. Slater Just One-Upped The 10 Year Challenge With A 30 Year Pic

Facebook's 10 year challenge ain't got nothing on Zack Morris and A.C. Slater!
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The Texas Longhorn Football Helmet Made An Appearance At Paris Fashion

Ok ladies, if you're looking to jazz up your wardrobe this year, may we suggest adding a football helmet into the mix.
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Don't Panic! Betty White Is Only Trending Because It's Her Birthday!

Happy 97th birthday to greatest woman on Earth, the lovely and talented Betty White!!!
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How Cute Is This Baby Desperately Trying To Get A Bite Of Mom's Burrito?!?!?!?

Ok parents, when should you let your baby start eating solid foods?
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