Brindle Boxer, Dog, Face, Jowls

Winery Offers Curbside Delivery By A Dog During Coronavirus Lockdown

A winery in Maryland is getting their wine to customers in the most special of ways, by offering curbside delivery by a Wino Dog named Soda Pup.
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Side View, Car, Speeding, Road, Tires

Man Pulled Over Going 100 Miles Per Hour Says He Was In A Hurry To Take His Test For Coronavirus

A car traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour was recently pulled over in Australia, where the driver tried to explain to the officers that he was only going so fast because he was rushing to undergo his test for Coronavirus.
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A group of doctors talking about corona virus on conference.

Here's How You Can Help Hospital Workers At Parkland

Here's How You Can Help Hospital Workers At Parkland. The healthcare team is our front line of defense against Coronavirus.
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Phil Collins performs during a stop of his Not Dead Yet Tour at MGM Grand Garden Arena on October 27, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada

People Re-Enacting Phil Collins' Drum Solo Is Now A Thing

People re-enacting Phil Collins' drum solo from "In the Air Tonight" using every day household objects is just as funny as it sounds!
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Toilet Paper, Cardboard Box

Truck Carrying Toilet Paper Crashes, Catches Fire Driving Along I-20

A truck carrying loads of toilet paper crashed in Hutchins early this morning, burning the TP "extensively."
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Kid, Drawing, Coloring, Crayons

Local Senior Living Facility Wants Kids To Send In Drawings To Brighten Residents' Days

Send your kids' drawings to the Belmont Village Senior Living Facility to help brighten their residents' day!
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Suzanne Somers, Red Carpet,Seventh Biennial UNICEF Ball Los Angeles, 2018

Suzanne Somers Wants To Appear Nude In Playboy For 75th Birthday

Suzanne Somers wants to celebrate her 75th birthday in a big way, by posting "tastefully" nude in Playboy.
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Mountain Goats, Trinity Square, Llandudno, north Wales, Town, 2020

Wild Mountain Goats Take Over Welsh Town During Coronavirus Lockdown

A horde of Great Orme Kashmiri goats have taken over the streets of Llandudno in north Wales, after tighter restrictions were placed on the town's residents in response to the continued spread of the Coronavirus.
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Cocaine, Dealer Baggie, Hoodie, Powder, Drugs

Cocaine Dealer Fined For Operating "Non-Essential" Business During Shutdown

A Canadian drug dealer found out the hard way the city is taking their quarantining seriously, after he was slapped with a heavy fine after he was operating a "non-essential" business (dealing cocaine) during the pandemic shutdown.
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