If You're Planning A Halloween Party, Here Are The Must-Haves For Your Soundtrack

Do you have Halloween plans? Maybe an epic party planned for this weekend? Don't forget, you're going to need some good music to keep the place going all night long.
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WARNING! The Austin "Water Boil" Rule Doesn't Mean You Actually Drink The Water While Hot

If you haven't heard, there's been a lot of flooding in the city of Austin. Sadly, the city is asking residents to boil their water since the flooding has stalled out water treatment.
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Amy Schumer Is Pregnant!!!

Congrats are in order for Amy Schumer and hubby Chris Fischer! The couple made the official announcement on Monday that they are pregnant!
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Gal Gadot Announces New Release Date For Wonder Woman 84

If you were looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman 84 next November, we have some bad news. The movie has been delayed.
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Cuteness Overload! German Shepherd Loves Taking Care Of His Baby Quails

We love a feel good story, especially when it's about adorable animals.
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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shleton Get All Kissy Kissy In Their Halloween Costumes

As we get closer to Halloween, the celebrity parties are already starting. Ok, we mean kid birthday parties.
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The 2018 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Is Here!

Christmas is officially here! We know because the 2018 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out!
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We've Got A New Internet Challenge! The #SkibidiChallenge

Move over Kiki, there's a new internet challenge in town. The Skibidi Challenge, and yes, it's gone viral.
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Joanna Gaines Shares Some Amazing Throwback Pics With Chip For Magnolia's 15th Anniversary

Over the weekend, Chip and Joanna Gaines celebrated the 15th anniversary of Magnolia! Although we've watched these two on TV for the last five years, it's still hard to believe that the the store that started it all has been in Waco for fifteen years! That was before they had kids!
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Parents-To-Be Go Viral For Alien Themed Maternity Shoot

Alien is easily one of the the scariest movies of all time. In fact, the first film of the franchise is known for one scene in particular...when an alien bursts out of a crew member's chest. That scene is so famous, even Space Balls paid homage to it. It's unforgettable.
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