Bread, Loaf, Wooden Board, Background

11-Year-Old Girl Scares Off Armed Robber With Loaf Of Bread

An armed robber left a supermarket in southern England after some quick thinking from a father and daughter who where shopping at the time.
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Cows, Ranch, Steer, Holstein Cows

Nearly 500 Steers Go Missing From North Texas Ranch

A local rancher has reported that nearly 500 steers have gone missing from his Clay County Ranch.
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Whataburger, Corpus Christi, Restaurant, 2019

Survey Finds Whataburger Officially More Popular Than In-N-Out

A new survey has found that, once and for all, Whataburger is better than In-N-Out.
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Eddie Money, Concert, Cleveland, Rock to the Rescue, 2002

Eddie Money Renewed Wedding Vows 7 Months Before Death

The world lost singer Eddie Money just last week, after the 70-year-old suffered complications due to stage 4 esophageal cancer.
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Cary Elwes, Red Carpet, Stranger Things, Premiere, 2019

A Potential Remake Of "The Princess Bride" Has Fans Heated

A rumored remake of The Princess Bride has sent fans into an absolute tizzy.
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Maid, Janitor, Custodian, Mop Bucket

Texas Custodian Comforts Student With Autism Who Had Rough Morning

Hollie Bellew-Shaw’s daughter Kenlee has autism, and was having a rather rough morning at Passmore Elementary in Alvin.
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Uber, App, Phone, Male, Ordering

Uber Chooses Frisco As First Site To Test Flying Taxis

Frisco will become the first home for flying taxis in Texas.
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Mother, Child, Daughter, Bed, Sleep

Disney Launches Bedtime Hotline To Help Put Your Kids To Sleep

If you struggle putting your child to bed, why not have one of their favorite Disney characters do it for you?
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KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sign, Colonel Sanders, Restaurant, London, 2019

KFC Introduces Fried Chicken Sandwich With Glazed Doughnut Buns

The chicken wars of 2019 have taken an all-new, sugary turn.
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Alex Trebek, Red Carpet, 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, 2019

Alex Trebek Back In Chemotherapy After Numbers 'Went Sky High"

Unfortunately, " Jeopardy! " host Alex Trebek is back in chemotherapy.
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