Brown Leather Sofa

Man Returns $43,000 He Found In Secondhand Couch

Howard Kirby of Ovid, Michigan recently bought a furniture set for $70.
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Squirrel, Eastern Gray Squirrel, Tree

“Bloodthirsty” Squirrel Terrorizing Texas Neighborhood, Sends Two To Hospital

A neighborhood in Houston is currently being terrorized by what local residents are calling a “bloodthirsty” squirrel.
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The Wiggles, Greg Page, Concert, Dancing, 2012

"The Wiggles" Star Suffers Heart Attack Onstage Following Bushfire Benefit Show

The children's music group The Wiggles got together once again to perform at a show to beneift the relief efforts for the Australian bushfires.
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1.17 - Fab Five Chicks

Today, Miles in the Morning welcomed some very special guests.
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1.17 What To Expect When You're Dating An Older Man

Chances are we know a couple (or two) whose age gap is a little....more than usual.
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