Man, Burglar, Stealing Car, Screwdriver

Man Has Truck Stolen While He’s Across The Street Robbing A Store

Washington man William Kelley called the police early Sunday morning saying his 1992 red Chevy pickup truck had been stolen.
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Matthew McConaughey attends the Los Angeles premiere of  "The Beach Bum" at ArcLight Hollywood

Matthew McConaughey Is Officially A UT Austin Professor

It's official. You can now take a college class from Professor Matthew McConaughey, the University of Texas at Austin reports. For the past four years, the Oscar-winning actor has been a mentor to University of Texas students, and now, the college has appointed him as a professor in the Radio-...
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Salted Caramel, Ice Cream, Bowl, Spoon

Blue Bell Ice Cream Announces New "Salted Caramel Cookie" Flavor

Blue Bell is bringing us a brand new flavor this fall.
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Yoga, Yogi, Pose, Woman, Sitting, Mat, Floor, Indoors

Woman Falls Off Sixth Floor Balcony Trying To Perform “Extreme” Yoga Pose

Yoga is no doubt an excellent way to keep your body and mind sharp.
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Harry Styles, Performing, Pink Shirt, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2017

Harry Styles Accidentally Bit Off The Tip Of His Tongue While High On Mushrooms

Harry Styles had quite the experience during the recording of his upcoming album. Styles did some of the recording at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, California, where more often than not, Styles and his party would partake in a little trip. Styles said, “We’d do mushrooms, lie down on the grass and...
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Jason Momoa, Interview, Graham Norton Show, 2018

Jason Momoa Got Stuck In An Elevator For Over Two Hours Yesterday

Yesterday wasn’t the greatest of days for Jason Momoa.
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Dog, Sleeping, Convenience Store, Entrance, Stray

Convenience Store Opens Doors For Stray Dog Trying To Escape The Heat Wave

Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada was walking through a town in Northern Mexico when he decided to stop at his local market.
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Comedian Pete Davidson on the red carpet for Netflix premiere of The Dirt

Comedian Pete Davidson Loses It When Crowd Uses Cell Phone

Pete Davidson had a breakdown while performing for college students at the University of Central Florida last night. During his comedy set, Davidson went off on some people in the audience who were using their phones to film the show. The Saturday Night Live castmember chastised the crowd saying...
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Guy uses a flamin' hot Cheeto puff as a mustache

Cheetos Are Rumored To Bring Back Halloween Edition Snacks

Cheetos is rumored to be gearing up for Halloween with the return of their "Bag of Bones" shaped chips . The limited-edition version changes Cheetos into the shape of heads, ribcages, hands, and bones. You can build a skeleton and then eat him! They should arrive on shelves October 6, 2019...
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Man, Gloves, ATM, Cash, Pin Number, Keypad

Thieves Steal ATM From Oak Lawn 7-11, Accidentally Leave It In The Middle Of The Street

Three armed men were able to successfully grab an ATM from an Oak Lawn convenience store early yesterday morning.
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