Police officer has just pulled over a brunette woman and approaches her car.

Texan Woman Sues Police After Cop Removes Tampon For Search

This is the ultimate invasion of privacy . During the summer of 2016, a woman named Natalie D. Simms was sitting on a curb, waiting for her boyfriend, when San Antonio police officers approached her. The department had been investigating the neighborhood for drug activity. Simms' car was parked...
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funnel cake at State Fair

New Food At The State Fair Will Excite Or Repulse You

We're only two days away from the gates opening at the 2019 State Fair of Texas, and concessionaires are serious about providing memorable foods. This year's newest creations range from sweet to savory to downright gagworthy. Which of these menu options would you be willing to try? Good Ole Creole...
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Selena Gomez Surprises Students At Her Old Middle School In Mansfield

Just about everyone in DFW knows that Disney Channel stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato grew up in the area. Occasionally these stars like to stop by their old stomping grounds for a visit.
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KISS Drummer Eric Singer Sworn In As Honorary Texas Police Officer

There’s a new sheriff in town; well a new Corporal at least.
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Jennifer Lopez Possibly In Talks To Perform At This Year's Super Bowl Half Time Show

Last year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show was all over the place, between the Sponge Bob intro, Maroon 5 and Travis Scott it certainly was not the greatest. Now there are new reports coming out that Jennifer Lopez maybe this year's Super Bowl Half Time performer. A source close to the J.Lo told Yahoo...
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Someone Lit One Of The Cadillac’s At The Cadillac Ranch On Fire

Why would someone do this to such a unique piece of artwork?
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Pierce Brosnan Says He’s Ready For A Female To Play James Bond

The newest James Bond film is less than a year away, and already some major changes to the franchise have been announced.
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Video Of Dog Pretending To Faint While Getting Her Nails Trimmed Goes Viral

Dogs do the weirdest things sometimes.
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Anthony Michael Hall and Sybil in the 98.7 KLUV studio

Anthony Michael Hall Is In DFW This Weekend!

I rarely get starstruck, but today I got to meet one of my all-time favorite actors. 80s legend Anthony Michael Hall is in town for Mansfield Music Alley Festival so he stopped by the 98.7 KLUV studio to chat with us. We discussed everything from his best friend in Hollywood (Robert Downey, Jr.) to...
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roller coaster amusement park ride

Man Catches Flying Cell Phone During Roller Coaster Ride

If you've ever been amazed at a fan catching a fly ball in the grand stands, prepare to be utterly astonished. This guy was riding a roller coaster in Spain when he noticed someone a few rows ahead of him had accidentally dropped their mobile phone. With the quickness, this dude reached out his...
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