Jenny Q

Man’s First Time Hang Gliding Almost Ends In Disaster After Pilot Forgets To Buckle Him In

Chris Gursky and his wife Gail were spending their vacation in the Alpine region of Switzerland where Chris decided he would like to go hang gliding for the first time.
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Apparently Whatever Part Of The Body You Wash First Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Let's be honest, bathing is a pretty important part of our lives. But how you bath? Well that might be just as important as well.
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Erica Messonnier

Broadway's Cinderella Comes To Bass Hall With Plano Native in Cast

The Tony Award-winning magic of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella enchants its way through North Texas this weekend.
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Robin Wright

Monument To 'House Of Cards' Claire Underwood At Dallas Love Field

A monument to the fictional president is now standing near the ticket counters at Love Field.
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Stan Lee

Report: Legendary Superhero Creator Stan Lee Has Died At Age 95

Legendary superhero creator Stan Lee has died at age 95, according to TMZ.
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Roger Staubach To Be Awarded The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Roger Staubach is about to add another accomplishment to his legendary career.
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Actor Gerard Butler's Home Completely Burned To Ashes By California Wildfire

Gerard Butler had to share some pretty devastating news yesterday.
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Morrissey Appears To Be Punched After Fans Rush Stage During Concert

Morrissey's encore performance in San Diego Saturday night was cut a little short, after some overzealous fans decided to rush the stage in the middle of the performance.
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The Bachelor Mansion

“Bachelor” Mansion, "Westworld" Town Among Many TV Sets Damaged By California Wildfires

The mansion serving as the main house of the television series “The Bachelor” was in the direct path of the Southern California fires.
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Grapevine's Ban On Air BnB Rentals Blocked By Court Injunction

Grapevine's ban on Airbnb type rentals has hit a road-block as a Tarrant County judge issues an injunction.
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