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Loch Ness

Loch Ness Type Monster Spotted In China

Whoa Nessie! She may have a distant relative living in China.
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Science Explains Why Some Hear "Yanny" & Others Hear "Laurel"

For the last few days, the world has been divided by 4 measly seconds of audio. Did you hear "yanny"? Or did you hear "laurel"?
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What's Your Royal Name?

While we may not be royalty, it's always fun to pretend.
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Senior Prank Goes Right: Staged Driving A Car Through The Principal's Office

As high school graduation approaches, most Seniors only have one thing on their mind...the Senior prank!
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This Kid Is So Bored, He's Letting The Automatic Car Window Roll Up & Down His Face

Is it Friday yet?
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If You Heard Laurel, You Are Right!

Did you hear "yanny" or "laurel"? If you said "laurel," technically you would be right.
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Blake Lively Had A Deadpool Manicure For The Premiere

Blake Lively really, really loves Deadpool. Or her husband Ryan Reynolds?
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Dog Steals A GoPro, Creates The Greatest Video Ever

Dogs rule! Cats drool!
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The City Of Dallas Resurfaced A Street In Oakcliff, Except Where There Were Parked Cars

If you live near the corner of Brooklyndell and Barnett or Superior and Ivandell in Oak Cliff, you may have noticed a little something different about your street.
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John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Welcome Baby #2

It's a boy!
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