Rebekah Black

Rebekah's Broken Foot

Rebekah: After 13 Weeks In A Boot, My Foot Is Still Broken!

So a lot of you have been asking about my foot. Sigh...where do I begin?!?!?!?!
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My old house.

Rebekah: We Finally Sold Our House!

Well, it’s official! After 3 looooooong months on the market, we finally sold our house.
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Seriously, Why Would Anyone Want Hair Extensions On Your Fingernails?

You know what two things don't go together? Hair extensions and fingernails.
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Neighborhood Halloween House Has An Army Of Skeletons In Their Front Yard

Finally!!! The Halloween decorations are out! At least in one competitive neighborhood.
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Why Would You Photoshop Abs On The Pillsbury Doughboy? It's Terrifying!

The Pillsbury Doughboy is supposed to be doughy. That's his thing. He's been adorably round for over 50 years. Why change him?
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Chris Hemsworth Snags Viral Video Of All 3 Of His Kids Wiping Out On Their Scooters

Chris Hemsworth's kids have given us the gift that keep on gold!
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Texans, Start Your Baby Off Right With Gerber: Picante Flavor!

Salsa is a staple of Texas. We put it on EVERYTHING! Chips, eggs, hashbrowns, virtually anything savory can be paired with salsa. It's pretty much a condiment.
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This Is The Greatest Yelp Review EVER!!!!!!

Look, we've all been there. You move a certain way, you bend over, you laugh a little too hard and out slips a toot. It's THE worst feeling in the world, even thought it's a totally natural bodily function.
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Steve Perry is back! We talked about his new album Traces, what he did after Journey, and discussed the idea of a tour!
Ladies and gents, Steve Perry is back! We talked about his new album Traces, what he's been up to since leaving Journey, and the possibility of a tour!