Rebekah Black


Would You Eat A Pie That Looks Like A Bloody Face?

Dear Lord in Heaven! Leatherface has been baking!
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Did You Know Norwegians Use "Texas" As An Adjective?

Oh Norway, you're making us blush with compliments!
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We Have Our First Homecoming Mum Sighting!!!

Here we go! It's homecoming mum season y'all! With every year, they get a little bigger and a lot better! Of course, 2018 is no excepetion. With school starting and the first football game being less than a month away, it's time to get those mums on display.
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OMG! This Could Be Stranger Things: Dallas

If Netflix was going to spin off their hit TV series Stranger Things, Dallas would be the perfect setting.
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Cardi B. Changed Her Nails From Pointy To Square So She Won't Hurt Her Baby

As any parent knows, becoming a mom or dad is a life changing event. Especially after the first baby. You don't know what's going on. It all happens so fast! Overnight, you go from a good night of sleep to being up every few hours to feed your little one. There are lots of diapers, spit up, and...
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Yep, It's Hot In Texas. Here Are The Best Heat Memes To Get You Through The Sweltering Temps

Not to be too redundant, but it's HOT! So, so, hot! How hot? Well, DFW is seeing higher temperatures this July than it's seen in years!
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DFW Walmart Sign Says "Look For Local" With The State Of Oklahoma On It

Look, we Texans take our great state very seriously. There's no room for Okie nonsense whatsoever! Now we know not everyone in Texas was born and bred here. However, if you live here, we assume your loyalties are with Texas...NOT Oklahoma.
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New Makeup Trend...Rainbow Brows!

It takes a bold personality to pull off a bold brow.
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doll house

Obsessed With All Things Tiny? You Must See The Best Miniatures On The Internet

OMG! So, so many tiny things to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's Hot In Texas When...The Church Sign Outside Has A Generic "Sin Bad, Jesus Good, Details Inside" Message For The Summer

Can we get an amen?
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