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John Krasinski's Character On "The Office" Predicted "A Quiet Place"

Leave it to the internet to find a crossover between "The Office" and "A Quiet Place." Actually, it's more that just a's a prediction.
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Student Has His Graduation Photos Taken At Waffle House

Well, it would appear that it's time to start gearing up for graduation season! And we've found our very first professional graduate pic of the year! Which took place at Waffle House!
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Check Out This Beautiful Timelapse Of Friday Night's Storms In Collin County

Collin County got hit with some pretty severe storms on Friday night. In fact, resident saw a little bit of everything...rain, hail, and a few swirling clouds.
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Johns Hopkins Study Finds People Don't Know How To Write The Letter G, Even After Seeing It Typed Over & Over

Online or in a book, we see the letter "g" typed over and over again. While we can certainly read that it's the letter "g," we might not actually be able to write it down correctly or pick out the correct picture of it in a "g" lineup. Of course everyone knows the printed "g" like what you see here...
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Rebekah Reviews: A Quiet Place

Perhaps my most anticipated movie of 2018...A Quiet Place, starring John Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt, who are forced to stay quiet to keep themselves and their family safe from spider-looking alien monsters that kill anything and everything that makes noise. Seems right up my alley...
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KLUV World Tour: Thanksgiving In Paris

It's a perfect time to visit Paris; not too cold, not too crowded and plenty to do. And our prices are remarkable. This is a city stay, so you will have lots of free time to do as you choose. Thanks once again to American Airlines and Trafalgur Tours. - Sharon Carr
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Texas Woman Goes Viral After Posing In A Field Of Blue Bonnet...Butter

Springtime in Texas can only mean one thing. It's time for that annual family pic in the bluebonnets. However, one Texas woman is putting her own spin on the tradition.
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Man Got Tired Of Waiting In Line At The DMV, So He Ordered A Domino's Pizza

Is there anything more dreaded than the DMV line? It doesn't matter what time of day you go, there is always a line. As a good rule of thumb for any activity, you should eat a little something before you go. Why? Because you never know how long you'll be gone.
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Jennifer Garner Pays Tribute To Her Late Chicken, Regina George

It's a sad day in Garner household. Jennifer is currently mourning the loss of her pet chicken, Regina George, who passed away sometime in March.
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Chris Pratt Bought A Texas Longhorn For His Farm

Chris Pratt has been busy! Besides filming the sequel to Jurassic World and Avengers: Infinity War, the actor has also been farming. What exactly? We aren't sure. But he did bring a little bit of Texas to his farm on San Juan Island.
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