Rebekah Black


This Cowboy Hat Seems Counterproductive

By definition, the cowboy hat is a "wide-brimmed hat with a large soft crown." It's intended purpose is to protect the wearer from the weather. Of course now days, it's more of a fashion statement.
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Little Girl Is So Pumped About Getting My Little Pony: The Movie, That She Admits To Saying The F Word

Whether you love or hate My Little Pony, there's one little girl who will make you want to watch the latest movie ASAP!
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If You're Headed To Opening Day, Don't Forget Your Doctor's Note Courtesy Of The Texas Rangers

It's the moment we've all been waiting for...Opening Day at GlobeLife Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're Texas Rangers will take on last season's World Series champions, the Houston Astros, at 2:35PM.
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Chris Evans Is Getting Trolled For His Mustache, Nicknamed Captain 'Murica

Notice anything different about Captain America's face lately? "Cap" aka Chris Evans recently ditched a face full of scruff for a mustache. And it's not for a new movie. In fact, the mustache is part of his character in the Broadway production of Kenneth Lonergan’s "Lobby Hero."
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That Awkward Moment When An Unattended Kid Decides To Crawl Under The Bathroom Stall At Chick-Fil-A

For parents, it never fails...there is always a kid lurking around the bathroom door while you do your business. Some days, they just stick their fingers under the door, other days, you forget to lock the door and they just walk on in.
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Medieval Corpse Gave Birth Inside The Coffin

Well, this is the kind of stuff that will give you nightmares.
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Watch George W. Bush Get Down On The Dance Floor At His Nephew's Wedding

Over the weekend, George W. Bush's nephew got married in Colorado. Of course, George and Laura were there to celebrate one of the greatest days in Pierce Bush's life. And by celebrate, we mean "gettin' down and dirty" on the dance floor!
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Texas State Graduate Spotted Hauling Around A Cow In A Prius

When's the last time you saw a cow in a car? Never?
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Check Out The Creepiest Easter Bunny Pics Of All Time

Move over Santa, there's a new creeper in town.
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Boy Meets Worlds Actress, Danielle Fishel, Got Engaged To Her HS Classmate

Bad news for those of you Boy Meets World fans who were secretly hoping that Cory and Topanga would end up together in real life. Topanga aka Danielle Fishel is officially off the market.
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