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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Have Picked Out Their Wedding Invitations

This is not a drill. We repeat, this is NOT a drill. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have picked out their wedding invitations.
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Kindergartner Delivers The Most Epic Weather Forecast, Uses A Little Help From His Video Production Dad

This kid is going places!
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Here's What Spring Looks Like Around The World

Today marks the last day of winter! Woohoo! While we can expect a few more cold snaps here in Texas, we can at least rejoice knowing that spring flowers are coming soon!
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Move Over Dude Perfect, This Kid Can Blow Out His Birthday Candle With A Soccer Ball

We'll be the first to admit it...we love Dude Perfect. However, they've got nothing on this kid.
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Katy Perry Spotted In Brazil Wearing Head To Toe "Dad Fashion"

Why is "dad fashion" a thing??????
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Google Maps Now Offers Wheelchair Accessible Routes

If you've never used a wheelchair or known someone that does, more than likely a wheelchair ramp isn't top of mind when you choose a restaurant or any other location for that matter. So it might not surprise you that Google Maps wasn't equipped with wheelchair accessible information. That is until...
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Texas Woman Living In Colorado Seriously Debates Driving 6 Hours & 45 Minutes To The Nearest Whataburger

It's no secret that most Texans are committed to Whataburger. So ask yourself far does your loyalty and love of a good burger travel? Would you say greater or less than 421 miles?
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Bryan Cranston Accidentally Brushed His Teeth With Athlete's Foot Cream While Traveling In Iceland

Not every celebrity is living the high life. Just like us, they can have bad days too. Believe it or not, but you might be having a better day than Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston.
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Meet Steve! The New Kind Of Aurora Discovered By Locals In Canada

Helllllllloooooooo Steve! You are one good looking guy...errrr aurora.
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American Idol Contestant Benjamin Glaze Clarifies His Comments On The "Unwanted" Katy Perry Kiss

Bit of an awkward moment on American Idol after contestant Benjamin Glaze got his very first kiss from none other than judge Katy Perry. However, Glaze has a few clarifications about the so called "unwanted" smooch from the popstar.
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