Mr. Peanut, Planters, Peanuts, Costume, Posing, Peanut Mobile

After 104 Years , Planters Announces The Death Of Mr. Peanut

Planters peanuts confirmed the news from a pre-Super Bowl ad that yes, Mr. Peanut is dead.
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Zebra, Dazzle of Zebras, Kenya

Dallas Zoo Celebrates Birth Of First Hartmann's Mountain Zebra Born At The Zoo

For the first time in history, a Hartmann's mountain zebra has been born at the Dallas Zoo!
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1.20.20 Fired From America - College Professor Buys Strippers

Hear Fired From America every morning at 6:40 with Miles in the Morning on 98.7 KLUV!
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Reading, Book, Hands

Man Called "Book Murderer" For Cutting Books In Half To Save Space

A man has divided the world for cutting his books in half in order to save space.
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Texas, Flag, Waving, Sunrise, Mist, Fog

Study Finds Texas One Of The Most Uneducated States In The U.S.

A study has found that Texas ranks near the bottom of educated states in the entire country!
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Niagra Falls, Tour Boat, Waterfall

KLUV World Tour: Fall Foliage of Eastern Canada & Niagara Falls

Our next stop on the KLUV World Tour!
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Ozzy Osbourne, Unimpressed, Train, Staring, Sunglasses, 2018

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Parkinson’s Diagnosis, Calls 2019 The Most “Miserable” Year Of His Life

Ozzy Osbourne admittedly had a pretty “miserable” 2019.
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Iguana, Lizard, Tree

National Weather Service Issues Warning Of Potential Falling Iguanas

The Miami National Weather Service has had to issue a warning that due to the cold weather, iguanas might freeze and randomly fall from the trees.
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