They Walk Among Us

private jet

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis Asks His Congregation To Buy Him A $50M Jet

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis says God told him he needs a new private jet.
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Apparently It's Illegal To Drive A Truck With A Lawn Chair As The Driver's Seat

You know, there's no crime in loving your old vehicle. However, if you still plan on driving it well after it's death date, you might want to rethink the lawn chair as your car seat.
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Tenant Destroys An Apartment With Thousands Of Empty Natural Light Beer Cans

HGTV makes buying flip properties and rental properties sight unseen look easy. However, in real life, it's a completely different story.
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Blac Chyna Uses A Stroller As A Weapon At Six Flags

Rob Kardashian is looking more and more like a stable parent ever single day.
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The Furby Organ Is Terrifying!

Have an old Furby lying around? You could have it turned into the world's creepiest musical instrument.
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