New Born Weighs 14 Pounds 13 Ounces Sets Record At Arlington Hospital

A baby born on December 12th set a new weight record at a hospital in Arlington, Texas.
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California Is Set To Become The First State To Require Pet Stores To Sell Rescue Dogs, Cats And Rabbits Exclusively

Everyone wants to go into the New Year making changes, and apparently the state of California wants to do the same.
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DART Is Free On New Year's Eve

If you're looking to use public transportation on New Year's Eve, make sure you thank Coors Light and Dallas Area Rapid Transit. They're give you a free ride home this year!
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Sniffles The Noseless Dog Is Melting Hearts

We think he's adorable!
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A Photo Of Two Hortaya Borzayas Dogs In Sweaters, Standing In The Snow, Has Twitter Users Making Jokes

The internet has done it again, unearthing a gem that brings out the inner comedian in all of us.
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Kevin Spacey

Strange Christmas Video With Kevin Spacey Going Viral This Week

A self produced video of Kevin Spacey portraying his character Frank Underwood from the popular Netflix show ''House of Cards'' has been making its way around the internet this week.
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[VIDEO] Mom Catches Her Son Using Alexa To Cheat On His Homework

This kid is way ahead of us.
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Business Insider Names Torchy’s Tacos The Best Taco Chain Of 2018

Here in Texas, we’re known for our BBQ, chili, and now tacos.
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Police Appear To Break Up A Flash Mob, End Up Joining In

What’s a flash mob to do but break out and dance in random spots surrounded by people?
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What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be?

2018 is coming to a close and a brand new 2019 awaits. A year for new beginnings... and with that, the opportunity for new goals and aspirations.
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