VIDEO: See Rare Sighting of Pink Dolphin With Calf by Her Side

(ALT 103.7) Spotting a dolphin in the ocean is a rare and exciting experience, but spotting a pink dolphin is almost unheard of. That’s why when someone spotted a famous pink dolphin with a pink calf they were downright shocked. Pinky, a famous pink dolphin found in Louisiana was recently caught on...
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Jennifer Lopez Possibly In Talks To Perform At This Year's Super Bowl Half Time Show

Last year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show was all over the place, between the Sponge Bob intro, Maroon 5 and Travis Scott it certainly was not the greatest. Now there are new reports coming out that Jennifer Lopez maybe this year's Super Bowl Half Time performer. A source close to the J.Lo told Yahoo...
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Target Is Selling $5 Neon Halloween Lights

It may be September, but department stores have already pulled out all of their Halloween decorations.
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Someone Lit One Of The Cadillac’s At The Cadillac Ranch On Fire

Why would someone do this to such a unique piece of artwork?
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Video Of Dog Pretending To Faint While Getting Her Nails Trimmed Goes Viral

Dogs do the weirdest things sometimes.
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Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets

Bridesmaid Allowed To "Wear Anything" Chose A Dino Costume

This definitely sounds like something Rebekah Black or I would do to somebody. Christina Meador was asked to be the Maid of Honor at her sister's wedding. When deciding how to dress, the bride nonchalantly said, "Wear anything you choose." So Christina took her at her word . She stood next to her...
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Guy uses a flamin' hot Cheeto puff as a mustache

Cheetos Are Rumored To Bring Back Halloween Edition Snacks

Cheetos is rumored to be gearing up for Halloween with the return of their "Bag of Bones" shaped chips . The limited-edition version changes Cheetos into the shape of heads, ribcages, hands, and bones. You can build a skeleton and then eat him! They should arrive on shelves October 6, 2019...
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Storefront of Popeye's Chicken restaurant

Local Couple Goes Viral For Taking Raw Chicken Into Popeye's

The new Popeye's chicken sandwich is all the rage. Over the weekend, I saw a Tweet that said there were only four locations in North Texas that still had supplies in stock to make one. That didn't stop Scoota & Cutie from trying to get a hold of one. Scoota got a raw chicken, put it on his hand...
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Close-up of a deadly, venomous eastern brown snake

This Doorbell Camera Captured A Horrifying Visitor

If you have a doorbell camera, you know the types of hidden gems you'll find when you review the footage. For Anti Stuart-Bishop, it was quite a shock . She received an alert from Ring that her cam had been activated. She looked at the video and was surprised to see a giant snake slithering around...
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Motherl and kids holding hands going back to school with backback.

This 5-Year-Old's First Day Of School Looked Rough

Just when you thought you had a bad day, this five-year-old from Scotland has gotcha beat. Jillian Falconer did what every parent does on the first day of school; she took a photo of her daughter Lucie . Lucie looked adorable with a big smile in the before photo. The after photo tells another story...
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