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Masks, Sewing, Cloth, Gray Background

Woman Buys Winning Lottery Ticket With Cash She Earned Sewing Masks

With the money she earned sewing Coronavirus masks, Lorna Hewitt decided to buy a lottery ticket, and it's a very good thing she did.
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Woman Arrested After Throwing Glitter Bomb At Police Car Following A Chase

A 42-year-old homeless woman was arrested in Santa Rosa, California after she "showered" officers and their patrol cars driving by on Highway 101 with a glitter bomb.
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Jose Altuve, Houston Astros, Batting, Spring Training, 2020

Brewing Company Unveils New "Trash Can Bangers" Beer Inspired By The Astros

Inspired by the Houston Astros' cheating scandal during the 2017 and 2018 seasons, a New Jersey Brewery has unveiled their new "Trash Can Bangers" beer, whose can design is remarkably similar to the team's uniforms.
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Newborns, Triplets, Lying On Stomach, Blanket

Woman Captures Husband's Incredible Reaction To The News They're Having Triplets

A woman in Wavery, Iowa surprised her husband with the exciting news that he was about to become the father of triplets, and luckily she caught his INCREDIBLE reaction all on camera!
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Man Breaks Into Bank, Tells Police He Was Just Trying To Heat Up His Hot Pockets

A man in San Diego broke into a Wells Fargo bank early Wednesday morning, but he wasn't looking to grab any cash. No, he specifically broke into the bank just so he could heat up his Hot Pockets in the microwave.
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Beer, Bottle, Bottle Opener

103-Year-Old Great-Great-Grandmother Beats The Coronavirus, Celebrates With A Cold Beer

A 103-year-old great-great-grandmother made a miraculous recovery from the Coronavirus, and celebrated the only way she knew how, with an ice cold Bud Light.
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Black Widow, Spider, Web, Close-Up

Three Brothers Let Black Widow Bite Them Trying To Turn Into Spider-Man

Three brothers in Bolivia were sent to the hospital when a black widow spider bite gave them with muscle pains, fevers, and tremors, and NOT the powers and abilities of Spider-Man like they had hoped.
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Whataburger, Last Remaining A-frame, Sign, Close Up, 2007

Whataburger Now Offering Delivery Across All Of Texas

If you want your Whataburger fix but don't want to leave your home, good news! Whataburger now delivers!
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Woman Takes Off Underwear And Puts It On Face After She Was Refused Service At Post Office

A woman in the Ukraine did not have a mask when she went to her local post office, and because she needed one to adhere to their social distancing laws, decided to rip off the undwwear she was wearing and place it around her face. Instant mask.
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Paint, Swatches, Work Table, Decorator, Brushes, Colors

Family's Public Vote For New House Color Goes Viral

A Portland family decided to turn their decision into a new color for their home into a school project for their young daughter, and have gone absolutely viral for doing so.
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