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Waffle House, Employee, Cooking, Sausages, Kitchen

Waffle House Customers Step Behind Counter After Worker Is Left Alone

A scheduling error left a lone employee by himself one evening at a Birmingham, Alabama Waffle House.
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Christmas, Lawn, Decorations, Front Yard

Texas Family Ordered To Remove Christmas Decorations After HOA Says It’s “Too Soon”

A family in San Antonio decided it was best to put up their Christmas decorations as early as possible.
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Martin Sheen, Red Carpet, NETFLIXFYSEE Event, Grace and Frankie, Smiling, 2018

Martin Sheen Stops By Joe T. Garcia’s While Filming Movie In Fort Worth

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Martin Sheen is currently in Fort Worth for the production of his upcoming movie "12 Mighty Orphans."
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John Legend, Smiling, Halftime, NBA All Star Game, 2017

John Legend Named PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

John Legend is officially the Sexiest Man Alive! The 40-year-old was recently named as such when PEOPLE magazine released their popular annual edition last Tuesday. John Legend Is PEOPLE's #SexiestManAlive 2019: 'I'm Excited but a Little Scared at the Same Time' pic.twitter...
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Arby's, Exterior, Drive Thru, Blue Sky, Modern

Arby’s Bans Misbehaved Children, Tells Parents “Only Well-Behaved” Children Are Welcome

If you want to take the kiddos to this particular Arby’s make sure they know their manners.
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11.11.19 Fired From America - Mannequin Thief

What happens when you get caught trying to steal mannequins from a sex shop?
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