Join Jonathan Doll at Immigrant Heritage Month Celebration

Main Street Garden Park
1902 Main Street
Dallas, TX 752021
United States

Event Description:

I think you’ve heard that June is Immigrant Heritage month and today is the day to explore your own heritage and celebrate others. Here in Dallas we are proud to celebrate diversity, heritage, and all the cultures of the world.


It’s Jonathan Doll inviting you to come celebrate with us all day long today at Main Street Garden in Dallas. We’ll be here from noon to 2 p-m in downtown Dallas with K-LUV prizes for you to win! Last year hundreds of community groups, elected officials, business leaders, artists, entertainers, and influencers representing all 50 states came together to make IHM 2018 a great success, with major events in more than 7 major cities across the United States. This year we’re looking forward to making IHM 2019 even better, with more events, new cities, and a growing number of partnerships.


This year’s Immigrant Heritage Month celebration in Dallas will be an interactive public art installation downtown at the Main Street Garden. The art activation will include a physical installation of the art piece that proudly displays I ❤️Dallas and encourages participants to share their immigrant identity on the art itself by placing a flag of their identified heritage on the heart, during a day-long event.

Join local leaders and influencers to #CelebrateImmigrants in Dallas!